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Corporate Board of Directors Mike McDowell, President, CEO and Founder Shannon Simpson-Weides, IGT State Trainer Angi Sanders, IGT State Trainer Jode Saylor,IGT State Secretary Mark Beahrs,IGT State Treasurer Kip Bunch,IGT State Public Relations Corporate Offices Wayne Oksanen, Corporate Webmaster Regional Directors Angi Sanders, South Central (South East Central) Al Taylor, North Central (Lafayette, Kokomo, Indianapolis) Mike McDowell, North West (Northwest) Kip Bunch, North East (Fort Wayne, [read more]
About IGT
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About Indiana Ghost Trackers, Inc.

Indiana Ghost[...]
Our goal is to unite the paranormal investigation community and advance public awareness. We welcome anyone to obtain membership, with Chapters in Indiana. Anyone interested can view our Membership Page to learn more. We provide no cost investigations for homes and businesses maintaining complete confidentiality. All investigations are performed by trained investigators. For help click on the "Got [read more]
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Membership Member Benefits Members enjoy many benefits and services provided by our organization. Paranormal enthusiasts face many challenges. They work hard to improve the lives of clients by providing comfort, and helping people cope with paranormal phenomena. They are skilled professionals who help people help themselves by providing useful information. This requires access to cutting-edge ideas, current information, [read more]
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General IGT Questions Membership Dues General Questions Ghost Hunting Techniques About the Prez General IGT Questions Who are the Indiana Ghost Trackers? The "Northwest Indiana Ghost Trackers" (Now "Indiana Ghost Trackers, INC") officially formed in July of 2000. We are now a STATEWIDE Not-for-profit organization. We go out to haunted places once or twice a month and do ghost "Hunts" use group owned [read more]

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