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Haunted House in Lafayette, Indiana by SS added 10/29/2007  
Visit from Hell? by Mary Adolay added 10/27/2007  
Man at the door by Mary Adolay added 10/27/2007  
Three Swords of Tarot by Mary Adolay added 10/27/2007  
Was it real? by Beth Godie added 10/26/2007  
The Face in Moody's Light by Jon Hmurovich added 10/07/2007  
Vermilion County Museum - Dr. Fithian's Home, Danville, IL by Joni Bullias added 10/05/2007  
Short but Scary by Angel Silva added 10/03/2007  
It never stops by Sonia added 10/03/2007  
Jumbies by Nicka Mart added 9/27/2007  
Dad by Ruth Miller added 9/26/2007  
A Dark Figure Next To My Bed by M.D. added 9/19/2007  
Un-invited Entity hitched a ride in an object by William Seale added 9/01/2007  
Albino by Dawn Allman added 9/13/2007  
Dad's going home by Joni Bullias added 8/14/2007  
Evansville Haunted Apartment by Whitney Brient added 7/24/2007  
Dusty Handprints by Rhonda Harden added 6/14/2007  
Background of the Seven Sisters by Anonymous added 1/30/2007  
Family Is Still Looking Out for Us... by Lori Mattingly added 11/14/2006  
Drip Drop Story by Taleyah Maruaao added 11/14/2006  
Cat Eyes in the Dark added 11/14/2006  
Ghost Aunt by Laken Hanley added 11/14/2006  
A Scream in the Night by Joslyn McElwain added 11/14/2006  
Watery Grave by Gina Candero added 11/14/2006  
The Real Moody Hill by Jim Snyder added 11/14/2006  
Tom and the Three Girls by Laloni Plake added 11/14/2006  
The Park by Adam Earl added 11/14/2006  
The Unforgotten by Jaden Martinez added 11/14/2006  
The Little Boy by Roxann Poor added 11/14/2006  
Ghost in the Basement by Karolina Bernolak added 11/14/2006  
Always by My Side by Nora Blackburn added 11/14/2006  
First Home by Maria Reyes added 11/14/2006  
Can I Lend a Hand? by Rob Sark added 6/04/2006  
Grandma's Calling! by Jessica Rafferty added 5/10/2006  
Our Family in Old House by Becky added 11/2/2005  
My Grandmother by Kate Pratt added 8/31/2005 My Great Aunt by Kate Pratt added 8/31/2005
Back Seat Driver by Dawn added 8/9/2005 Gypsy's Graveyard by Melissa U. added 8/9/2005
The Shaking China Cabinet by Richard Allender added 3/12/2005

School of Ghost by: Austin Lemberis added 3/8/2005

The Whistling Specter by William Chappell added 3/6/2005

Ghost Buddies by lainy_t added 3/3/2005

Ghost Children by Sarah Kennedy added 2/26/2005

House in Mississippi by Mary Adolay added 2/26/2005


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