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My name is Stephanie and I got your info through Shadow Lands.

  I am in Cicero, IN just outside of Noblesville and think that we may have a ghost. I don't know much about orbs so I thought I would send this to
  you and ask your advice. I have more pics with these balls on them. Most of the time they appear when something different is happening in our
  home, i.e., having a lamb in the family room or at Easter or when we are having something in the house repaired. We have never had bad
  feelings associated with what we think is a woman?

  This is what has happened:
  We moved in to our 1880s house in Aug of 2001. A few weeks went by and things were quiet, then we had our porch rebuilt and a wall in the
  cellar fixed and my husband saw a shadow pass by him in the kitchen in the reflection on the French doors leading to back yard. He came to the
  front room and asked me if I was just in the kitchen and of course I had not been. Then a few weeks later we heard banging noises that I thought
  was my husband kicking something because we had gotten in a small tiff. I went down to scold him for getting so angry and kicking things
  around when the kids were sleeping. When I got to the front room he was snuggled under a blanket and said he hadn't moved off of the couch
  since I left. Then an hour later we both heard it. Then nothing for a long while until I got pregnant with my third daughter and ended up on bedrest
  for 10 weeks. My mother and my in-laws took turns caring for all of us so I could rest. The TV in the front room would go on by itself and off by
  itself when my mother was here. Then a tape from our Timelife supernatural series kept appearing pulled out of the box and laid face up in front
  of the box. My mother would replace the tape back with the others only to come into the room and have it laying out again. This distressed her so
  much she called me down out of bed.  During this time my dead grandmother whom I was very close with came to me in a dream and told me it
  would be all right. Could our spirit (?) be my grandmother?

  My oldest daughter also after this set of events told me she saw a skeleton in the bathroom and would not go in day or night by herself. She
  would almost cry when she would hear a noise while I was in there with her. She is fine now.

  Recently I was cleaning in the kitchen and had the water running with my back to it as I wiped off the counter and the water shut off by itself. A pot
  had fallen into the sink first and then a few seconds later the water shut off, as if someone hit the pot as they reached for the faucet. You have to
  push down the handle of the faucet and I know the pot falling could have not caused it to shut off when the handle was up so far. This has only
  happened that one time.

  Thanks for any info,



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