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Haunted House in Lafayette, Indiana

I was attending Purdue University as a graduate student and in my second year I rented a house (it was divided into two apartments -- I rented one of them) on Main St. in Lafayette, Indiana. (I can't remember the exact address, but the house was located just across from the fire station.)

When my roommate and I first moved in I had trouble going to sleep at night because the house just felt so creepy at night. It was an old Victorian-style house and I just told myself that the creepiness and the creaks and groans that I thought I heard at night were just the sound of an old house. It took me a couple of months to shake the feeling that someone was watching me from the door of my bedroom every night.

Several months later, my roommate who was also a grad student, got some news from her mother who lived in Arizona that she had spoken with a friend of hers who supposedly was "in touch" with "spirits on the other side." These spirits told my friend's mother that my friend (and I) were surrounded by "dark energy" in the house that we were living in. This friend of her mother's specifically mentioned the basement and garage as being particularly full of dark energy. The interesting thing to me was that her mother wasn't aware that there was a garage (which was attached to the basement.) We didn't have access to the garage and we only had access to one small portion of the basement -- which was more than enough for me.

I was a bit skeptical about this information from my friend's mother, but it was also interesting that I had never told my roommate about my feelings about the house when we first moved in. So I shared my thoughts and feelings with her then. I also added that in the time we had been there I had grown increasingly wary of the stairwell. I often felt cold in the stairwell and frequently had the sensation that someone was behind me when I walked down the stairs. I also had the sense on a few occasions that whoever or whatever was behind me might try to push me down the stairs.

A few months later my friend moved out and another friend decided to move into the house with me. I told this friend about my feelings toward the house and what my former roommate's mother said about the house. We decided to ask another friend of ours who was a Wiccan to come to the house and cleanse it. When she did, we told her nothing about which parts of the house were the most disturbing to us. As she went from room to room downstairs and upstairs she cleansed the house in all four directions with Holy Water and with a sage smudge stick (smoldering sage -- gives off some smoke). After she finished she asked us if we knew if anything had happened in the stairwell! I asked her why and she said that the smudge stick almost died out when she went up the stairs and that she had to blow on it to get it going again. She said that this was an indication of the presence of "energy" or a "spirit" in that part of the house.

After the cleansing we didn't have many problems for several months, but eventually the house became active again. Before we moved out we endured more than a few months of "issues" with whatever was in that house. We heard strange voices through the telephone when we tried to call friends and relatives, our cat was terrorized by whatever was there when we weren't in the house, the stairwell became increasingly more disturbing to the point that I refused to go down the stairs in the middle of the night, and we spent our last month burning sage incense to calm the energy until we could get out of the house.

On one occasion we went to the laundromat to do some laundry but realized that we had forgotten to bring our detergent. We drove back to the house and when we went inside to get the detergent we didn't see the cat downstairs (she usually met us at the door when she heard the car). We looked all over the house, calling her name, and we couldn't find her. I finally checked beneath one of the beds and noticed a "bulge" in the fabric under the mattress. I touched the bulge and realized it was the cat -- who then proceeded to HISS and growl at me. She was terrified by something to the point that she had scratched into the fabric and crawled up into the mattress to hide. We finally calmed her down and got her out of the mattress before heading back out to finish our laundry.

That experience was so disturbing to me that when I moved out of that house I also moved out of Lafayette out of the state of Indiana. It was the freakiest thing I have ever experienced and I never want to be near that house again!


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